Top best selling two wheelers in 2016

Every year N number of vehicles is launched, many dealers have these new launched vehicles, like Yamaha Fascino dealer has all the Yamaha vehicles launched recently.

After the dealers the vehicles are then available with the showrooms, every state has many show rooms for you to get access to them easily like Hondo active showroom in Delhi. So here are some awesome scooters like aprilia scooter 150cc.

  • Honda motorcycle and scooters India's Activa - this two wheeler was the best selling vehicle in the year 2016 and the total number of units being sold was almost 81,000 units in the very first month after the launch and the company faced a rise of 29 percent in the sales.
  • Hero Moto Corps Splender - ever since the launch, the company faced an increase by 26 percent, the motorcycle was launched in the year 2015 but it made maximum number of sales in the year 2016, it sold almost 4 lakh units in the year 2016.
  • Hero Passion TVS XL super - this two wheeler brought a consecutive rise of about 37 percent in the sales last year, it sold around 1.2 lakh units and it was the fourth most sold two wheeler in the year 2016.
  • Hero Glamour - This two wheeler was the second best two wheeler for the seventh consecutive month in the run of 125 cc and there was a growth of about 34 percent in the year 2016 prior to this year this amount of sales was dominated by the Honda CB shine.
  • Tvs Jupiter - a very well known two wheeler and the most favoured by the youth is TVS Jupiter it not provides variety of colors and styles but also many features, it sold around 52 thousand units in the single month of august 2016 and increased the sales by 11 percent.

So these were the top best selling two wheelers in the year 2016, they not only provide awesome features but are also in budget and this is the reason why there has been a consistent growth in the sales.