How to maintain your two wheeler in monsoon

One of the most favorable and risky season for two wheeler rides is monsoon, it could not be pleasant anymore if you do not take proper care of It, two wheelers tend to slip during the monsoon season. Women out there who are riding two wheelers be it vespa SXL 150 they still have to conscious irrespective of the weight of the scooty chances of it slipping is high.

The brand of the scooty is not important when it comes to this maintenance; one can have an Indian brand or a German brand like aprilia sr 150. You can get the supplies for protection even at the time of purchasing the two wheeler, Honda active dealers even supply the accessories to protect a two wheeler.

  • Apply anti - rust protection - moisture can result into rusting of your metal body part of the two wheeler, one has to make sure that they apply anti- rust protection on their vehicle at least once a week.
  • Oil chains, hinges and livers - water ka jam the chains and the livers of the two wheeler, if you oil them daily than these paths will stay in a good working order.
  • Use a rain cover - there are chances that you might not get time for oiling and applying anti rust protection then the simplest option to save your two wheeler from getting exposed to moisture is use a rain cover and cover your vehicle with it every day.
  • Check tyres - the accidents mainly happen because of the friction between the slippery tyres and the road, one must consider changing tyres if their tires are less than 2 to 3 mm deep, the tire pressure also affects the grip of the vehicle.
  • Wash and wax the strips - it is very important for the vehicle owner to keep a track of his/her vehicle, during the monsoon season there are chances that there might be dirt stuck in your strips and waxing it will avoid any rusting, so one must do that regularly.

So these are the points you must take care of during the monsoon season.

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