5 best advantages of scooters that make them even more awesome

Well scooty is one of the most purchased vehicles in India, why? Just cause it fits our budget? Well no there are many more reasons behind it and here are they. Scooter 150cc is one of the most purchased two wheelers in the year 2016.

Many other foreign brands also started launching their scooters in India, just like Aprilia 150 is now all over Indian market. All the dealers are now waiting for the new launches as the sales are sky rocketing and constantly increasing everywhere, just like vespa dealers are waiting for the new launches.

Here are some 5 best reasons why people love scooters

  • Flexible - the size of the two wheeler is so great, that you can skip all the traffic jams without any hassle. It is not only beneficial then but also easy to carry in the narrow lanes; the weight of the scooter is bearable. And according to a study they reduce the travel time by 63 percent.
  • Wallet friendly - no doubt we all need our own travel mode, and if we cannot purchase a car because of the cost we can at least go for the scooter, it is not only cheap but also economical. So scooters are wallet friendly.
  • Eco friendly - well scooters are eco friendly, the carbon footprint you will have after this will be comparatively lesser than the carbon footprint which you will be having while you are driving a car.
  • Easy parking - parking has always been an issue, and when it comes to big vehicles. But if you are driving a scooty than you can park your scooty anytime anywhere. Scooter gives the benefit of easy parking and so you need not worry about municipality taking away your vehicles because of no parking problems.
  • A perfect gift - you can gift this to your children as it is easy to handle, not accidental at all. Cheap in cost and is currently the trend as well so gifting a scooter is the best gift ever for all the parents.

Source : https://vespadealers.blogspot.in/2017/02/5-best-advantages-of-scooters-that-make.html