150cc scooter market to see expansion in India

India's two wheeler sector is now saturated and moving towards a beginning of new expansion and new sub-segments. The new segment is 150cc just like Vespa 150 and there has been a increase in the sales ever since. You can buy these vehicles from the showrooms closer to your place, now there are many showrooms and service centers closer to the place like there are many TVS Jupiter showrooms in Delhi.

Many bestselling vehicles also belong to this category and are resulting in a considerable growth of the company's sales figures. The new models are also been appreciated in the market, aprilia dealers are also facing a slow though good amount of growth in the sales.

The 125cc category of scooters are now been dominated by only two big players in this segments and they are Suzuki motorcycle India and Honda motor cycle and scooter India, the companies are now focusing on this segment analyzing the potential of this segment and the growing sales of the two big players in this race.

  • Honda came up with a 125 cc scooter in the year 2014 and launched active 125 and according to the dealers of Honda two wheelers Honda is now moving towards 125 cc and the product is in making and will soon be out but till then 110 cc scooters are going to be the best sellers.
  • The third largest motorcycle company TVS motors is planning to come up with a 125 cc in the fiscal year 2017 and the company is now into making of their all new models of this segment.
  • The company Hero Moto Corp is coming with a new confidential model which will be for testing first two months after the launch to note the sales and accordingly plan the expansion.

All the companies are now competing with each other to become the master of this segment of 125cc and 150 cc and beet the Suzuki and Honda motor cycle company. This new segment will soon take an evolution and replace the current segment of motors.

Source : https://vespadealers.jimdo.com/2017/01/24/150cc-scooter-market-to-see-expansion-in-india/