Things to consider before buying a two wheeler

Convenience is the key especially while traveling, everyone has a two wheeler at least if not a four wheeler, with the change in the era everyone is now buying at least two scooty or bikes like Vespa scooter 150cc for their family.

One might even get good discounts if they buy the vehicles from the dealers itself, the Suzuki access dealers may give you reasonable discount if you buying in bulk for resale. Similarly there are chances that one might even give a discount on a nuclear piece like Tvs Jupiter dealer.

Following are the things one must consider before buying a two wheeler.

1)Brand - one of the most important things while buying any two wheeler is brand, consider the bran history, customer service and all other details, do not hurry spend some time and research properly as this is an asset.

2)Budget - budget is a very important thing, as the two wheelers vary in cost and must not go above budget, make a list of the features you want and prepare and budget and then shortlist the options.

3) Weight - two wheelers can be heavy as well as light, so if you are wanting a two wheeler which is lighter in weight and easy to lift and carry then make sure you go for two wheelers like scooty pep and Tvs streak etc.

4) Mileage - one of the most important thing one must consider while buying a two wheeler is the mileage, a reasonably good two wheeler will give you a mileage of about 35 to 40 km per litre.

5) Service center - service center is another important component while choosing a two wheeler, it should have a service center which was around your place so that you need not travel long distances for proper service of your two wheeler.

Buying a two wheeler is an important thing as this will last long for good amount of years and it must be taken good care of, so spend a little extra time and consider the above things before buying it.

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